Clinical Guideline for Acupoint Protocols by Tong-zheng Hong PDF : Clinical Guideline for Acupoint Protocols - Tong-zheng Hong

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hatqnndodmzpdlyv - Listen, read and download Tong-zheng Hong's book Clinical Guideline for Acupoint Protocols in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book Clinical Guideline for Acupoint Protocols by Tong-zheng Hong

Clinical Guideline for Acupoint Protocols
by Tong-zheng Hong

Clinical Guideline for Acupoint Protocols by Tong-zheng Hong pdf
Clinical Guideline for Acupoint Protocols by Tong-zheng Hong pdf

Summary: Facing the issues about how to treat patients, acupuncture practitioners are often challenged with the solutions to the diseases and symptoms because there are no golden rules actually in clinic.Yin-Yang theory not only guides all the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture but also creates the concept that disease is the result of the imbalance of Ying and Yang. This concept enables TCM and acupuncture practitioners to see the human body as a whole, which distinguishes TCM and acupuncture from conventional medicine in the West.This guideline aims to provide acupuncture practitioners with pragmatic acupoint protocols in Part I to meet the clinical needs. The protocols presented in this book provide solutions to 43 diseases and symptoms commonly seen in clinic.In addition to the protocols, the author's experience is presented in Part II to offer deep insights into the issues in practicing acupuncture in order to help TCM and acupuncture practitioners and learners. show more

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Product details Format Paperback | 80 pages Dimensions 152 x 229 x 5mm | 127g Publication date 20 May 2020 Publisher Scholars' Press Language English Edition Statement Aufl. ISBN10 6138927818 ISBN13 9786138927815

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